Welcome to K. P. Ilm International School

Education is perhaps the most influential social institution in any society. Our vision is to impart the ultimate learning experience to our students to stimulate the senses with the latest technological advancements in the field of education across an expansive environment. We aim to offer an assortment of learning approaches to attain the highest potential and the joy of learning to bring about a sense of fulfillment and motivation as a precursor to their future endeavors.

Our main focus is to make our children imbibe moral, aesthetic & spiritual values along with quality education and core life skills to serve humanity with empathy, goodwill and as a self assured individual in his or her own right.

School Life

Grooming our children’s, for a life of leadership, service and personal fulfillment is more important. We encourage independence of thought, creativity, respect for others and a sense of responsibility for one’s own actions.

we recognize that it is important to be able to set and achieve personal goals; plan, implement and evaluate decisions; develop self-esteem; manage stress, and cope with change and conflict. These are essential self-management skills that underline a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Through classroom interaction, sports, recreational and other physical activities, students imbibe and practice these skills.


International curriculum

Internationally relevant and appropriate curriculum has been designed, to be culturally sensitive. It includes top-quality teaching and assessment resources, appropriate for teaching and learning.


Our language syllabus develops the ability to communicate clearly, accurately and effectively in both speech and writing. Students learn how to employ a wide-ranging vocabulary & use correct grammar.


School develops successful students. They not only build understanding and knowledge required for progression, but also learning and thinking skills that help students become independent learners and equip them for life.

Islamic Studies

  • Tajweed and Qirat
  • Hifz of the Qur’an
  • Hadith Studies
  • Qur’an Studies

Arabic Language

  • Arabic language with grammar
  • Arabic vocabulary
  • Arabic numbers
  • Arabic handwriting


We endeavors to create a culture that strengthens faith and Islamic values integrity above all else.

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Islamic Library

Islamic Guidelines

Air Conditioning

Well Equipped Computer Lab

Provided Nutritious Breakfast

Transportation Facilities